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8 Wedding Traditions For A Memorable Wedding

Each culture has wedding traditions that are replete with meaning, symbolism, and blessings for a new couple.  Many of these traditions have fallen by the wayside through time but perhaps it is time to revisit the best of them and incorporate them into our weddings.  They are not just beautiful symbolism but performing them at your wedding adds another layer of depth to your ceremony & many include your cherished guests.   While these traditions have Celtic, Bavarian, Sri Lankan, South African origins they are so lovely that every couple and wedding clan would embrace partaking in them.  Weddings {not to mention the photographs} are all about moments, special, tender, uncommon moments that get tucked away in our memories and bring smiles every time they are remembered.  These are sure to be among the treasured memories from any wedding day…..

1.  Circle of Love ~ American.  Creating a circle where the bride and groom will say their vows.  The circle can be made of anything from flowers to something more personal and meaningful to the couple.  This circle stands as their “alter” and the place where they pledge their love.

2. Ring Warming Ceremony ~ Celtic.  Rings are passed around to each guest.  The guests hold the rings and say a silent blessing, wish or prayer for the wedding couple.

3. Bavarian Log Cutting ~ As if the name did not give it away, German.  The log cutting is the first obstacle a couple must overcome together.

4. Carrying Fire ~ South African.  Parents of bride and groom carry a fire from their hearth to the light the hearth of the newlywed couple.

4b. Tree Planting ~ origins, many traditions.  Bringing together soil from both the bride and the grooms childhood home to plant a tree in their new home together as a couple.

5.  Handfasting ~ Celtic.  Originally this was a ceremony for the commencement of an engagement period.  Where two people declared a binding union with each other for one year and one day prior to marriage.  Today it is done in weddings to symbolize the same thing, binding of two lives together.  Even Prince William and Princess Kate had a hand fasting ceremony at their wedding.

6. Oathing Stone ~ Celtic.  Celts were tribal peoples who believed very dearly that places were sacred, especially to each tribe.  Important vows were given and bestowed at sacred places where spirits were literally in the land, stone and flora of the area.  They believed these spirits were their forbearers.  Exchanging vows and doing so in a sacred place, holding a stone or piece of wood or something from the sacred region was thought to transfer the wedding oath to the spirit energies present and thereby entwine past with present with spirit.

7. Golden Thread ~ Sri Lankan.  A thin gold thread ties the bride and grooms pinkies together to symbolize the delicacy and preciousness of a relationship and how a couple needs to be intentional with their actions and words to keep the bond, represented by the tie, strong and together.

8. Seven Steps Into The Sun ~ A special new “tradition” created by Alisa which is a variation on a couple age old wedding traditions:)

A big thank you to my insightful guest this week, celebrant, Alisa Tongg.  Alisa is not only a celebrant but a marvelous storyteller.    Alisa weaves a inspired ceremony of beautiful traditions, which she is incredibly knowledgeable about, together with the love story of the wedding couple that no guest will soon forget.  Should you wish to contact her you can find all of her details at

Go forth informed!!